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Requirements for filing a patent application

  1. A detailed description of the Invention.
  2. Drawings of the invention if necessary to explain it or if the nature of the invention allows this.
  3. A summary of the invention not exceeding 200 words together with an explanatory drawing if any.
  4. An extract from the Commercial Register or an official extract from the Articles of Association if the applicant is a company or an organization.
  5. A document to illustrate the entitlement of the applicant in the invention if the applicant is not the inventor.
  6. Consent of the primary inventor if the application is for a subsidiary invention based on a primary invention.
  7. A Power of Attorney.
  8. A certified copy of the priority documents to include a copy of the application with its attachments showing the date, number and country of that application in another country if the UAE application is based on a priority claim under an international agreement or convention that the UAE is a party to.
  9. A Temporary Protection Certificate if any.

Please note:

  • The documents referred to in 4, 5, 6, and 7, if executed outside the UAE, must be legalised (authenticated) with the UAE Embassy or Consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin.
  • All documents filed must be in Arabic, if the originals are drawn up in English Language. If the original language is not English then the documents must be translated into both languages English and Arabic.
  • The originals of the documents referred to in 1, 2, and 3 must be attached with the application form when it is submitted.
  • The documents referred to from 4 to 9, if so required can be presented after the application has been filed, however an undertaking must be signed at the time of filing the application that these documents will be submitted within 90 days of the application submission date. If these documents are not filed within 90 days of the application date, the application shall be deemed invalid. With the exception of the document referred to in Para 8, if is not submitted within the time period allowed the priority claim status will be dropped.