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What can be registered as a mark

Anything which adopts a distinguishing form of a name or words or signatures or letters or figures or drawings or symbols or titles or engravings or seals or pictures or embossments or announcements or headings or any other trade mark or any group of them, if they are used, or it is wished to use them to distinguish goods or products or services of whatever origin, in order to indicate that such goods or products belong to the owner of the trade mark on account of their manufacture or selection or trading in them, or indicating the provision of a particular service. The voice shall be considered as a part of the trade mark if it accompanies it.

The following may not be registered as a trade mark:
  • A mark free from any distinguishing description or impression, or a mark comprising information which is customarily given to the goods and products and services concerned, or ordinary drawings and pictures of the goods and products.
  • Any mark which offends public morals or contravenes public order.
  • Public emblems and flags and other symbols relating to the State or Arab or international organizations or any of their agencies, or any foreign state, except with authorization from the same, and similarly any imitation of those emblems and signs.
  • The sign of the Red Crescent or the Red Cross and other similar symbols, or imitations of them.
  • Marks which are identical or similar to emblems with particular religious significance.
  • Geographical names, if their use is not appropriate to the goods or products or services or their origin.
  • The name of another person or his cognomen or a picture of him or his likeness, unless his prior permission has been sought for the use of it.
  • Information relating to degrees of honour, if the applicant for the trade mark is not entitled to use them.
  • Marks which are likely to confuse the public or which contain false information about the source or origin of the products or services or other characteristics of them, and similarly marks containing a fictitious or transient trading name.
  • Marks belonging to natural or corporate persons with whom dealings are prohibited.
  • A mark which arises from the registration of some categories of products or services and which causes a decrease in the value of other products and services which are characterized by that mark.
  • Marks which include the following words or expressions: “patent” or “patented” or “registered” or “registered drawing” or “copyright” or “imitation will be considered as forgery” or words or expressions similar to this.

It is not permitted to register foreign trade marks of international repute where the restrictions stipulated by the original country of the trade mark extend to other countries, except at the request of the original owner.